What is Pisgah Defenders relationship to the group Friends of Pisgah (FOP)?

When the NH parks’ budget was slashed and a self-funding model was adopted, more and more of the maintenance and improvement activities were picked up by FOP with the state’s blessing.

Over the years, FOP has worked hard on providing the missing support—maintaining trails, keeping maps at the trail heads, opening the Visitor Center and Museum, providing educational programs and many other activities that improve visitors’ recreational experience in the park. These activities have been welcomed by the state and have helped fill a void.

When commercial logging was first suggested during the development of the recent management plan for Pisgah, some members of FOP objected. They were told by the state that if they continued their objection, they would be prevented from performing their volunteer services in the park. As a result, some FOP members resigned from the group to help form Pisgah Defenders.