Is Pisgah Defenders considering legal action?

We believe that the commercial logging the state has endorsed in the park is in conflict with the park’s original founding documents, mission, and funding. We have brought our concerns to the state through a variety of forums and have yet to hear our questions and concerns answered adequately.

We see our primary focus as informing the public about the commercial logging and its conflict with recreational uses and the park’s original purpose. Following that, if negotiation doesn’t lead to changes in policy, we are prepared to take legal action. In preparation, we have already raised $60,000 and prepared a legal case.

We hope we don’t have to take this step but are committed to action if the state isn’t willing to stop commercial logging in the park or substantially modify its current logging policy.

Our legal challenge would be aimed at the State, as well as the National Park Service, since they are the agency responsible for ensuring that the property is managed in compliance with the LWCF program. Filing a suit would be a last-resort effort.